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Thu, Aug 22

wenye he (rampagedog12) created T69065: Bug on Rigid Body Simulation when an object is parented to another.
Thu, Aug 22, 10:11 PM · Dependency Graph, Physics, BF Blender

Jun 10 2019

wenye he (rampagedog12) created T65685: Bug on vertex group creation after using bisect_plane.
Jun 10 2019, 10:15 AM · BF Blender

Jun 26 2018

wenye he (rampagedog12) added a comment to T55598: Appending bug in non-GUI blender.

Use windows 10 (I think other win are fine)
Download and unzip the into D or E Drive(Don't put blbackgroundtest into C Drive)
Move folder blbgtest to C Drive
Both python scripts will create a new blender file.
Use PowerShell run "blender -b -P" and you will find the texture path go wrong in resultrel.blend
Use PowerShell run "blender -b -P" and compare resultabs.blend to resultrel.blend
abs.blend use absolute path in texture, while rel.blend use relative path in texture.

Jun 26 2018, 4:20 AM · BF Blender

Jun 24 2018

wenye he (rampagedog12) created T55598: Appending bug in non-GUI blender.
Jun 24 2018, 3:27 AM · BF Blender