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Mar 18 2018, 6:34 PM (79 w, 14 h)

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May 19 2019

Carlo Bergonzini (CarloB) awarded rB08c0e2a35d01: Sculpt mode transform tool: Initial implementation a Love token.
May 19 2019, 8:31 PM

Apr 13 2018

Carlo Bergonzini (CarloB) added a comment to T42765: Italian translation (Blender UI <2.8 and manual).

I'll make sure of that @blend-it (blend-it)! I've start tackling the job, but I feel a little bit unsure about how to properly translate the pages.
From a brief research I've found out this guidelines: Are they the only source of wisdom on the topic?
Is there a better section to start with? My first attempt was on the "text" section, and to be honest is taking more time I expected. Are you suggesting to first working on the titles and only then on the body?
Also it's not quite clear to me if it is appropriate to translate the Blender UI words. While in the glossary they are useful to quickly understand the italian translation, in the other pages seems the least importan things to me. Take for instance the page about "Empties": is calling them "vuoti" really helping the reader/user? In my mind it seems more helpful to refer to them with the name they see in the UI. So I would have focus on the body, the instructions on how to use them, rather then the titles. But it's just my first thought, maybe it would took to much time to do everything this way. What's your opinion?

Apr 13 2018, 10:04 PM · Documentation, Translations

Mar 22 2018

Carlo Bergonzini (CarloB) updated subscribers of T42765: Italian translation (Blender UI <2.8 and manual).

Thanks for the reply @Aaron Carlisle (Blendify). I'll do my best.
I hope you'll have time to check if I'm committing the version files in the right way and not messing things up for at least the first commit.

Mar 22 2018, 12:14 AM · Documentation, Translations

Mar 18 2018

Carlo Bergonzini (CarloB) added a comment to T42765: Italian translation (Blender UI <2.8 and manual).

I'm an italian blender user and in my free time I would be happy to help in translating the manual.
It's first time I approach the subversions management problem, so I followed the steps descripted in the guide until I was able to get a copy of the translation on my pc and now I would like to have a feedback before taking any step further. As far as I understood I need to edit and save the .po and then commit them for administrator check, right? Am I missing something? How many files do you usually edit before committing?

Mar 18 2018, 6:59 PM · Documentation, Translations