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Feb 18 2014, 8:07 AM (299 w, 5 d)

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Feb 26 2014

Daniel Lussier (Danyboy) added a comment to T38490: Tabs Visual Design.

Hi! Jonathan you mentioned in a discussion with Andrew that the operator panel needed some attention.
I have a quick suggestion easy to implement to
facilitate the access for beginners and general users alike.See snapshot below.

Feb 26 2014, 10:12 AM · User Interface, BF Blender
Daniel Lussier (Danyboy) added a comment to T38093: Update and Create Necessary Icons.

Just a comment on an existing icon.
The modifier icon for 'particle system' and 'particle instance' are the same.
What I propose would be for particle instance the use of a colour for the the main star and darkening a bit the 3 others.
I don't know if it's going to work I'll try do attach the modified files.
This one is an svg file taken from the original file with the 3 small stars desaturated and the big one saturated blue.

The second one has the 3 small stars shaded darker.

Hope this works if not here are the pngs.

Feb 26 2014, 9:42 AM · User Interface, BF Blender