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Eddy Juillerat (Eddy_Juillerat)
Freelance self-taught multi-disciplines artist


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Oct 28 2018, 8:15 AM (42 w, 4 h)

Born May 23, 1970 in Martigny, Switzerland.

His atypical self-taught journey starts with drawing at an early age. A solitary and silent child, he invents himself universes that he materializes in his sci-fi and fantasy-style drawings, where each image shows a context in which a fraction of history takes place. The more recent surrealist paintings and drawings capture the torments of the human soul but also other figurative works are more contemplative of the ordinary beauties that surround us. It's with painting that he develops a taste for the abstract, inspired by the explosive but controlled energy of Pollock and the purity full of complexity of Rothko. Wrote a few short stories in his youth.

Apart from his jobs in typography and later operator-projectionist, he studied different disciplines alongside the drawing: computer-generated image; Photoshop image processing, Illustrator graphics, simple website creation; writing about personal and topical; the creation of scenic lighting and video projection; sound creation; crafts on wood; the design and production of front wheel drive recumbent bicycles.

Passionate about cinema from the age of 14, he loves music, the arts in general but also the study of human behavior, the news of the world, science. Love above all to find himself in the inhabited silence of nature.

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Oct 28 2018

Eddy Juillerat (Eddy_Juillerat) added a watcher for User Interface: Eddy Juillerat (Eddy_Juillerat).
Oct 28 2018, 9:06 AM
Eddy Juillerat (Eddy_Juillerat) raised a concern with rBL62148: icons: simplify geometry.

Hello there.
I found some of the icon's simplification too much. Shapes and colors are almost taken down to a few pixels but we need something 'solid' for the eye to be clear immediately.
In the linked image, I comment this with a proposal.
For example: the vertex/edge/face selection. The actual icons don't show clearly a cube and it's not clear in a split second. The design in good but it's a tool, not a cosmetic gloss. We need to stay focused on what it is: a tool, and not judge an overall impression of mess when we don't work with it.
A great part of Blender's appeal to me is that the UI is clear but just detailed enough to avoiding being messy. The balance is tricky to get because too stylised and you lost readability (and then efficiency), or too detailed and it's unreadable. Blender 2.7x was great to me.

Oct 28 2018, 8:32 AM