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YiFan (YF)


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Wed, Jan 2, 6:41 AM (2 w, 1 d)

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Fri, Jan 4

YiFan (YF) created T60166: some strange lines and wrong shadow about EEVEE render.
Fri, Jan 4, 6:35 PM · BF Blender

Thu, Jan 3

YiFan (YF) added a comment to T58758: Eevee unable to render correctly without screen space reflections turned on. .

Something similar happened for me too, but I did not save the screenshot.
System Information
Operating system: windows 1803 (before yesterday) and windows 1809 (now)
Graphics card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 615
GPU driver version: (before yesterday) and (now)
Blender Version
Latest blender 2.8 downloaded on 2019-1-1.

Thu, Jan 3, 4:12 AM · BF Blender