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Thu, Feb 18, 2:08 AM (1 w, 1 d)

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Thu, Feb 18

Anthony (anthony785) added a comment to T85758: Gpencil stroke break .

Yeah, i try everything in that tread. Window ink off. I updated all my drivers for the wacom tablet, graphic card, and windows. Still the same deal. The only workaround I came up with was opening a new blender copying the cam from the old file relinking everything and starting a new 2d animation workspace, but the only difference this time I started with a stroke instead of a blank. And it seems to work fine now. Saved and restarted and still good.

Thu, Feb 18, 6:09 PM · Grease Pencil
Anthony (anthony785) updated subscribers of T85758: Gpencil stroke break .

Sorry, first time posting here. @pratik cirkleinc (pratik) Borhade (PratikPB2123) Only been using blender for 3weeks now. So a little new to all of this. Thank you for the link. Im using windows. 9900k, 2080ti. Version 2.91.2 of blender.

Thu, Feb 18, 3:51 PM · Grease Pencil
Anthony (anthony785) created T85758: Gpencil stroke break .
Thu, Feb 18, 3:04 AM · Grease Pencil