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Fri, Oct 25, 1:07 PM (2 w, 4 d)

maria has been a Photo booth event-goer since 2016! Some of the core values that shine brightest for mw are my reliability and professionalism. Have a very unique personality. When you first meet me, don’t let my quietness fool you! perfect blend of serious and fun! A Photo booth Manager, attendant, aka a hostess with the mostess! You can have a look at my work on photo booth rentals bay area.

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Fri, Nov 1

mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich) added a comment to T68973: Graph Editor: General channel list UI improvements.

It would be great to have maybe a hotkey to select one or many channels filtered to all the selected objects.

Fri, Nov 1, 1:35 PM · User Interface, Animation, BF Blender
mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich) added a comment to T62011: Write Arabic Text on Blender 2.8.

are limitations in Blender preventing it from working to a desired result,One of the potential problems is when a user uses this add-on before changing the text font, he will not see any characters while typing because the default font file does not contain Arabic characters, which make him thinking that the add-on is not working for him.

Fri, Nov 1, 1:34 PM · Add-ons
mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich) added a comment to T67243: frequently stops working on rendering..

same problem on both with fully updated drivers.

Fri, Nov 1, 1:30 PM · Cycles, BF Blender

Thu, Oct 31

mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich) updated mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich).
Thu, Oct 31, 5:53 AM
mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich) added a watcher for Cycles: mariakatosvich (mariakatosvich).
Thu, Oct 31, 5:47 AM