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Thu, Nov 15, 3:40 PM (3 w, 5 d)

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Tue, Nov 20

Răzvan Rădulescu (razcore) added a comment to T37512: Design Required: How can users choose what datablock/level to edit in the Action Editor?.

Wow... this was opened in 2013 and here I was just trying to understand why there's no action created when I insert keyframes for say bezier curve data block level (instead of object). As per the comments above from bassam, best case (from user perspective) would be to be able to define curves/channels for properties not necessarily detached from datablocks and then to be able to apply them to objects. This makes the most sense, while the other original ideas, I feel solve the problems more from a programmer perspective rather than the artist. As an artist would be a bad time to have to keep track of all the levels and to have to constantly switch between them. I'm not artist, I'm a programmer rather, but I've played lately with some motion graphics idea in blender 2.8 and out of all things so far that I've touched (I looked at pretty much everything, including modeling, sculpting, vse etc.) it seems to me that the dope sheet/action editor and NLA are the easily the most unfriendly parts of blender.

Tue, Nov 20, 8:16 PM · User Interface, Animation, BF Blender

Mon, Nov 19

Răzvan Rădulescu (razcore) created T57939: Render animation doesn't take in account compositor parameter animation.
Mon, Nov 19, 3:37 PM · Nodes, Animation, Compositing, BF Blender

Thu, Nov 15

Răzvan Rădulescu (razcore) added a watcher for Video Sequencer: Răzvan Rădulescu (razcore).
Thu, Nov 15, 3:42 PM