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Roger Sexton (rogersexton)
3D Modeler/Animator


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Jun 4 2010, 1:21 AM (508 w, 10 h)

Roger Sexton
3124 N. 7th Ave #7
Phoenix, AZ., 850013
(602)–754–6538 RDS2@Q.Com


Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona
Degree Associate of Arts and Sciences in Architectural Drafting for AutoCAD, Revit and Tekla, with a GPA 3.7 (Dec 2015)
CAD Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
Certificates - CAD Drafting/Architecture I, II, III, and Diploma
for AutoCAD release 12,13,and 14 GPA 3.9 (Feb 1996)

Central Arizona College, Apache Junction, Arizona
Certificates in Electronics Technology I and II, GPA 4.0
Certificate in Building Maintenance and Repair, GPA 4.0 (January 2004)

California School of Real Estate Appraiser, Covina, California
Certificate Real Estate Appraisal (1987)

AFL of CIO Construction School
Trained for construction labor, learned to use a transit, ran a mining blasting – drilling rig, and learned to use a sand blaster to blast the grout off a poured wall for effect.

Professional Accomplishments
• Real estate project for the development of a baseball park funded by the Arizona Diamond Backs which is part of a shopping mall project
• Real estate project from blueprints to model and animate natural tropical pool environment.
• Prepared technical drawings and Architectural plans used in production and construction projects using AutoCAD, Revit, and Blender.
• Provided visual guidelines and drawings, 3D models and renderings showing how to construct residential and commercial buildings and landscaping sites including site planning.
• Prepared drawings using BIM and CADD software such as, Auto CAD, AutoCAD 3D, REVIT, Tekla, 3D Studio, 3DsMax, and Blender* (MicroSoft Word and Excel).
• Created a “Bug Story” animation for the “Barking Spider Productions,
• Presented the animation to Disney, Hanna Barbara and Lucas respectively.
• Created computer graphics for the Prep Department in Industry, California, as a Computer Graphics Artist, using a HELL Scanner to scan graphics into a MAC system.
• See samples of works at

Roger Sexton
Cover Letter

I am a graduate of the CAD Institute - 1995-1996, earning 3 Certificates in CAD Drafting, and Diploma in CAD Drafting. Graduate of Phoenix College earning an Associates in Architectural CAD Technology, using AutoCAD, REVIT, and Tekla; December 2015. Used AutoCAD, Revit, and Blender for freelance contract projects, creating Architectural 3D models, renderings, and animation for various client, in architectural/ landscape projects, while attending Phoenix College. I have been using Photo Shop, Photo Impressionist, and Gimp software to create graphics, edit renderings, and create material and textures for graphics 3D models, renderings and animation in projects as needed while generating documents in Microsoft Word, and Excel.
As a certified Electronics Technician I and II; have designed electrical schematics and wired primary circuit on breadboard for twenty four hour, twelve hour clock, and frequency counter. Built basic desktop computer system as class project. Have built several of my own systems, including a six core system with 16 Gig of RAM, and 2 three terabyte hard drives for 3D modeling architectural projects.
I have worked on projects for real estate development of a shopping mall using AutoCAD, Revit, and Blender 3D modeling and animation software in combination with Bryce 3D. Also worked on an architectural/landscape pool project, incorporating a new idea for their landscape design which they have now incorporated.
I am an innovator and inventor using acquired training, skills, experience, and knowledge to create 3D models, construction documents, renderings, and animation for projects that will better benefit your business.
Thank you for considering my valuable talents, training, skills, and experience, that they shall be employed to their full potential for the benefit of your company.

View work at Freelance.Com or on Youtube at the following web addresses:
Animated PortfolioSlide
Animated Portfolio
Architectural Portfolio
Tropical Swimming Pool
Baseball Park Project
Ocean Sunset PIY-KHhjQz
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Oct 24 2019

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Aug 28 2018

Roger Sexton (rogersexton) added a comment to T56580: Blender 2.79.

I was trying to use Blender 2.79. And the "System" window in the "User Preferences" is not coming up right.
I would send you a picture of the screen that comes up but I see that is not possible here.
As described, it only shows six lines with information in the boxes or buttons.
This happen after I attempted to load a new Python into the software.

Aug 28 2018, 2:40 AM · BF Blender
Roger Sexton (rogersexton) created T56580: Blender 2.79.
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May 3 2018

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