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Apr 27 2011, 2:34 PM (433 w, 6 d)

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May 6 2015

Jesse Werner (vidjogamer) added a comment to T33713: Added operator to select verts based on vertex group count.

I initially wrote the functionality to help with real time application performance. For instance, the Unity game engine only supports up to 4 vertex groups per vert, and it has options to set it to 1, 2, 3. Even if you are under the limits, it can have performance issues if you use too many groups-- depending on your mesh density, target OS, number of animated models, etc. Other applications may have different limits as well. Additionally, if you do go over the limits in Unity's case, you will end up with unexpected animation results and it can be difficult to figure out why.

May 6 2015, 8:47 PM · BF Blender