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Quick Hacks

This project collects relatively easy tasks for new developers to get involved. The tasks for this project are all features that we would accept in Blender releases.

How to Start

  • Browse Quick Hacks to find one.
  • When you want to start working on a task, you can comment on the task to ask for more information if needed.
  • When you have a patch ready, you may assign the task to yourself and submit the diff to get it reviewed.

Please: Verify that there isn't already a patch for the task by somebody else. If that's the case, it'll usually be mentioned in a comment or the task has a (open) differential revision assigned (those are usually listed in the task details, like in T45230)

You may also want to look at the Todo wiki page.

Adding Tasks

Quick Hacks can be added by developers and module team members for functionality that they would accept in Blender. This is not a wish list to suggest features.

Projects must be...

  • Easy enough for an experienced developer to do in a short time (about 30min - 2hrs).
  • Real projects (not simply exercises or janitor work).
  • Acceptable to be added into Blenders code-base without discussion on controversial topics.

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