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BF Blender: Staging

This repository is a staging area for patches from newer developers to be committed for testing.

  • Patches where the functionality is approved can be committed here, before having comprehensive review.
  • Developers who don't yet have access to BF Blender repository can gain access to this repository.
  • Each release we will re-sync the repository with master.

Source Code: Blender-Staging Repository

Developer Guidelines

While we're more relaxed about changes in the staging repository, there are some guidelines to follow.

  • Don't write broken blend files. Loading Blend files in the official release shouldn't crash.
  • Keep Blender Working. Changes which leave Blender in a broken state effect other developers, better make such work-in-progress changes in your own branch
  • Isolate commits. Don't use single commits for changes in many, unrelated areas (making it hard apply your changes for releases).
  • Keep personal preference out of it. Unless its needed for you're development, keep defaults for preferences, keymaps etc, matching official releases.
  • Follow Committer Etiquette. Follow the same practices for regular development:<br>

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