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Remove Unnecessary Confirmation Popups
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Issue Description

Ever since Blender got Undo we've had a series of unnecessary Confirmation popups that block user flow and interaction. For example, when deleting an object Blender always gives a Ok? Delete. These are no longer necessary.

Design Decision

Let's remove those that are no longer needed, but ensure we provide good user feedback with an info message when they are.

Ongoing work

See D35: T37421/T37422 Remove Unnecessary Confirmation Popups

Event Timeline

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 14 2013, 11:32 AM

A message like "N objects deleted" in the info header could be used, so that if you press it accidentally on some object outside of the view there's still feedback.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), that would be ideal. Anytime we're making changes like this, particularly when it involves removing user interaction, I think we should be sure to report changes to the user. Feedback is crucial, that feedback just shouldn't be blocking.

I don't understand the original description: "The Confirm to Delete popup is no longer necessary now that we have delete." ?

Now that we have delete? What does this mean?

As for warning popups, I think the previous rule was to only add these popup warnings for destructive actions.

I'm fine with them being removed, *if* we add clear feedback in the header. Otherwise it's too easy to accidentally brush your arm against the X key and see your beautiful creation disappear into the void.

@William Reynish (billrey), whoops my bad. I've updated the description.

It is a subtask, although the Dependent Tasks and Depends On terminology doesn't make that really clear.

oops, sorry I didn't notice that.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) renamed this task from Remove Confirm to Delete to Remove Unnecessary Confirmation Popups.

◀ Merged tasks: T37421.

As far as I can tell there are exactly 6 places where we get a confirmation popup:

OBJECT_OT_delete - "Delete selected objects"
VIEW3D_OT_copybuffer - "Copy selected object to to Buffer"
VIEW3D_OT_pastebuffer - "Paste new object from Buffer"
SCREEN_OT_screencast - "Make Screencast"
FILE_OT_directory_new - "Create a new directory"
WM_OT_save_homefile - "Save Startup File"

The confirmation on object deletion seems pretty silly if you use the "delete" key, but comes in handy if you normally use "X" to delete since it is easy to hit accidentally when doing G->X, R->X, etc. I wonder if it is worth considering leaving the confirmation for "X" and removing it for the "Delete" key? Personally, I'd remove these confirmation always, replaced with "X Objects deleted" printed in the header area.

Copy and paste to/from buffer confirmation can be removed, replaced with info text. "Object copied to clipboard", "Object pasted from clipboard"

Starting a screencast should never have a confirmation.

Creating a new directory. If you select this option from a menu then there should be no confirmation. But if you've typed a directory name in a path then the confirmation should happen, as well as if you press the "I" shortcut to make a directory.

The last one, "Save Startup File", should probably keeps its confirmation.

Also there is

"Save over? ###.blend" on save

I think we can safely assume,like almost any other software assumes, that the active file is the one to save over. If the user wants to make a new version of a file, its most likely he's already copied it with a unique name.

but this should maybe stay.

I have no problem with removing the Save over? popup. What do you think @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)?

Well, it's an action we can't undo so if we are going with that rule we should keep it. But I guess it's quite standard not to ask in this case so it seems reasonable.

If that popup is removed we should make sure it's only for the case where you are saving to the file that you opened or already saved to, when you save to a different file there should still be a popup.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), agreed. If it's a new file or overwriting a different file then it should pop up.

It's quite standard to simply the save the current file with CTRL+S, without any confirmation. And actually, this is undoable since we save .blend1. As with other cases, I suggest we report to the Info panel that the file has been saved.

This was set to 'resolved', but the Save and Delete commands were actually never 'liberated' from their confirmation, while as far as I can tell there was concencus to do so.

Where in these links do you see anything to indicate what I said was incorrect?

As I mentioned, the Save and Delete commands still have confirmation popups, and at least Jonathan and Brecht seemed to agree they should not. If it matters: So do I.

@Jonathan Williamson (carter2422): As the author of this, are you aware of a reason for this? There was consensus on the Save and Delete commands, was there any pushback from anyone outside of this design task, or what happened?

@michael knubben (michaelknubben) I don't off the top of my head, it's been a while. We can bring this back up during the UI meeting if needed. The Save/Delete popups are the most drastic changes, so if anything are worth discussing again.

I use Blender primarily as video-editor these days. The [D]elete key - vs [X] : delete - does not appear to delete video segments or indeed anything from the VSE timeline. [X] does, but always with the confirmation popup.
Just wondering how hard it would be to add a toggle in the preferences to disable the confirmation popup. I realise this would have to be an application-wide solution, but even when modelling it's never proven itself invaluable, particularly since we do have undo.

Few thoughts on deleting from another point of view (it came up a few years back, tried to find the thread but cant)

In terms of deleting & 3D view, i think it is important to keep consistency between edit mode deleting and object mode deleting. as in, if there is a popup for editmode deleting, object mode deleting should follow suit.

X as well is very close to z which is switch to wireframe, when you are working in a fast workflow, it is quite possible to hit this accidentally. If you delete an object and you are working in a very heavy scene, undo can take up to 10-15 seconds to process, which then would break the flow of the artist.

I am for keeping the 'delete' button with no popup, but having the x with a popup.

EDIT: Found the thread --

So it seems the save confirmation is the proverbial baby that was thrown out with the bathwater? Brecht just added that back in together with the delete, even though the save confirmation was decided on and nobody had an issue with it.
I also take issue with solving a keymap issue (which is something the user can change!) with an intrusive solution that also impacts those that remap their hotkeys.
So, since there was concensus, can we get rid of the save confirmation again, at least?

Since the UI team has met up now, has this been discussed?

Since there has been some time to think this over: any update on this?

Not an official dev but part of the previous discussion.

I think the save dialogue is still nice to have confirmation, some large files (300+ mb) saving to network drives can lock up blender for 10 or so seconds. having it pop up on ctrl s is important as it is right next to ctrl a (apply) and having that dialogue box that you can easily close out of is important.

The alternative is to move the save function to a different hotkey which isnt in prime realestate.

Ctrl-s being next to ctrl-a is the case in all software, ever. It (and X) being 'easily accesible' is also more of a point in favour of changing the hotkey than introducing a popup, in my opinion.
You have to wonder why Blender would be the only software in the world that need training wheels on ctrl-s, but what really gets me is that there's no way for the user to turn this off!

@michael knubben (michaelknubben) I don't off the top of my head, it's been a while. We can bring this back up during the UI meeting if needed. The Save/Delete popups are the most drastic changes, so if anything are worth discussing again.

You mentioned bringing this up, did anything ever come of it, and if not: why is this off the table?

It is a bit weird because there's a Check Existing flag in the operator with the description "Check and warn on overwriting files" but it doesn't actually do anything which seems like a bug. It's set to True by default but set to False it should disable the warning popup that is hard coded right now it seems like. Then when this is fixed similar props could be added to the Delete operator and any other operators that do this.

Please give us an option to disable those confirmation pop up it simply slow us down and tonight i am spending an hour just to install an addon that disable it but the addon disable something else in the keymap. This is counter productive.

We already got rid of almost all occurrences - which examples are you referring to?

Hi William,

I was talking about the one when you want to delete a face in edit mode!

There should be no extra confirmation popup when deleting faces - how exactly do you make that appear?