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Bone Activator Addon
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(Sorry about my english)

It's a great honor to contribute.
This addon is useful when you select a bone with the tools: Select circle or Select lasso and want activates the bone selected

You can see more about the addon in links below:


Download of file

Other peoples with the same problem:



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Francisco Fontes (francisco.fontes) renamed this task from Bone Activator to Bone Activator Addon.

I'm fairly sure that there should not be an addon for this feature. If it is a very important thing, then this operator should just be part of Blender. However, I never heard complaints about the current behavior from the animators here, so I do not know if this is all that important...

Note, I wanted to implement similar functionality for the edit mode in the past, but we decided that it was not really worth it. Also it can be a bit confusing when multiple bones/vertices are selected.