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Dynamic grid, texel size and pixel resolution
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Daniel Bystedt (dbystedt)
Jun 28 2020, 8:18 PM
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UI Example UI from UV-editor

This design is related to

Settings in the uv editor for the following:

Dynamic grid size

  • How many units in UV-space is a grid unit. It can be handy with a dynamic grid size. Sometimes you need to snap to a texture atlas that is divided into a 6x6 grid within a 0-1 uv space. Note: The UV 0-1 space is always static (eg the true UV unit length is always the same).
Dynamic grid = 4 (4 grids per UV unit)Dynamic grid = 2 (2 grids per UV unit)

Texel size:

  • How many units in uv space one unit in 3d space represents. This can be used to get consistent texture scale when using tiling textures.
  • Texel size should affect unwrap, but not packing since we usually want to pack into a specific area.

Sample texel size

  • Add operator for “Sample texel size, which sets texel size from selected object(s) in 3d view

Pixel resolution:

  • How big is a pixel in uv space when no image is assigned in the uv editor. This can be used for UV move up/down/left/right (described in other UV editing design).
1 unit in 3d = 0.5 units in UV space (i.e Texel size = 0.5)Texel size = 0.5 (i.e edge length = orig length * Texel size
The goal is to get consistent texture scale between objects and faces when unwrapping. The Texel size acts as a scale multiplier to the unwrapped uv’s

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