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Apply texel density on selected uv's
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Daniel Bystedt (dbystedt)
Jun 29 2020, 12:28 AM
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New operator for the UV Editor

Ability to apply UI defined texel density to selected faces
T78389 - see this task for info regarding texel density

  • Properties / options
    • Lock X (BoolProperty)
    • Lock Y (BoolProperty)

Uniform scale example

Starting point

Texel scale is inconsistent between the two planes. The plane to the right has much smaller texel density (and therefore bigger texture features)

Desired result

Desired result after running operator “Apply Texel Density” in image above (step 2 in image above)

The uv texel density of the plane to the right now matches to the plane to the left.

Trim sheet example

Step 1. Original object with trim sheet
Uv map with trim sheetObject with shading (normal map)
step 2 - scaling object
Uv map with trim sheet - Uv is not in correct texel scale after mesh was scaledObject with shading (normal map) Mesh is scaled in X axis. Notice the stretch on the texture
Step 3 - Apply texel density (lock Y axis)
Uv map with trim sheet. Uv has been corrected after applying texel scale. Important to lock uv’s in Y axis so that the trim sheet still works.Object with shading (normal map) Mesh is scaled in X axis. Texture stretch is now gone

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What about also an option to specify texel density when averaging Island Scale?

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That would be a nice thing to have when doing UV maps on a model! I'm using an addon to do that right now.