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Blender 2.80rc2 crashes when switching from sculpt mode to edit mode
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  1. Pressing [Tab] key to go to edit mode while sculpting with 'Grab' brush intermittently crashes 2.80rc2.
  1. Frequently clicking and dragging with sculpting 'Grab' brush intermittently crashes blender 2.80rc2.

Additional details (Attached blend file):
4 viewports, front and right orthographic views in one window in wireframe mode with background images, two perspective views in another window with MatCap shading were opened.
Applied mirror and sub-surface modifiers.
Vertex count: 2569 (After sub-surface: 41466)
Cuda with CPU+GPU enabled in Blender 'System' settings

Laptop HW Details

CPU: Intel 7700HQ
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1050, 4GB (Nvidia Studio Driver Version 430.86)
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit, Build 18362

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