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Collection Nodes

Collection nodes (or modifiers) allow for object operations.

This complements the geometry nodes functionality by letting users control data in the object level. For instance, to populate a collection dynamically and set different actions for different objects inside of it.

Use Cases

  1. Crowd cheering inside a soccer stadium.
  2. A tornado taking a house apart, piece by piece (reference).


While geometry nodes operate with geometry, collection nodes operate with objects.


  • Separate/Join objects
  • Add/remove objects
  • Set action
  • Set material
  • Objects constraints
  • Set colliders (?)

Tornado Example

Node tree for the tornado use case. In this case the tornado is a node group with its complexity abstracted away.

Stadium Example

Node tree for the stadium cheering crowd. The points object is using geometry nodes. But no geometry can be passed in this nodetree.