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Blender 4.1: Sequencer


The video Sequencer got many performance optimizations across the board.


Image/movie filtering that is done when scaling/rotating strips has been improved.

  • Default strip filter is now "Auto", which automatically chooses the most appropriate filter based on scaling factors (PR#117853):
    • No scale/rotation and integer positions use Nearest,
    • Scaling up by more than 2x uses Cubic Mitchell,
    • Scaling down by more than 2x uses Box,
    • Otherwise Bilinear.
  • Strip transforms got Cubic filter option, previously it only existed in Transform Effect strip (PR#117100, PR#117517). Cubic filter exists in B-Spline (matches cubic elsewhere in Blender) and Mitchell (usually better for images) varieties. Cubic filtering is also faster now.
  • Bilinear filter no longer adds a transparent edge near image border when scaling it up. (PR#117717)
  • Subsampled3x3 filter was replaced by a more general Box filter, that better handles scaling images down by more than 3x. (PR#117584)
  • Various "off by one pixel" issues resulting in gaps between neighboring strips, or images being shifted by half a pixel, have been solved. (PR#116628)


Sequencer Scopes got visual look improvements (PR#116798):

Left is Blender 4.0, right is Blender 4.1:

Waveform (Luma)
Waveform (Parade)


  • Audio waveforms are now displayed by default, and got a display option to show upper half of the waveform only. (a95dd8438d) (1be8b51b11)