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UV Editing

UV Packing

New Concave Packing shape method
The UV Packing engine was upgraded, dramatically improving performance on large meshes and improving support for non-square materials.

On many real world cases, efficiency of the layout has also been increased.

In addition, many new features were implemented:

  • Added an option to choose the shape of the UV Packing approximation ("Bounding Box", "Exact Shape" and "Convex Hull"), giving layouts which use much more of the available space (e0d05da826).
  • Added new UV Packing option "Merge Overlapped", where overlapping islands stick together during UV packing (b601ae87d0).
  • Added new UV Packing option "Pack To > Original Bounding Box", where islands are packed back into the original bounding box of the selection. (957ac41237).


Further UV changes include:

Unwrapping like an orange-peel. Careful seam placement allows an extended unwrap using the new manual seam placement feature in UV Sphere Projection.

  • UV Sphere Projection and UV Cylinder Projection now support manual placement of seams (6b8cdd5979).
  • The UV Select Similar operator has new options for Similar Winding and for Similar Object. (2b4bafeac6).


  • Conversion from edit meshes to object mode meshes has been parallelized, leading to better performance when exiting edit mode (5669c5a61b).
    • The conversion's performance was also improved by around 75% when there are multiple UV maps (0fe0db63d7).
  • Face corner "split" normal calculation performance is improved by up to 80%, with improvements in memory usage as well (9fcfba4aae, 3c43632651, 9292e094e7).
    • With custom split normals data, performance has been improved by up to 44% in addition (17d161f565).
  • Subdivision surface performance is slightly improved on large meshes with no loose vertices (3507431c30).
  • Extracting UV map data for viewport drawing can be up to 3x faster (63a44e29ac).


  • When baking normals with custom normals data, behavior may be different if the auto smooth angle is not 180 degrees (#107930).