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Blender 2.82 Release Notes

Blender 2.82 was released on 14 February, 2020.

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2.82a Corrective Release

This corrective release does not include new features and only fixes a few serious regressions introduced in 2.82 release.


Mantaflow fluid simulation, cloth internal air pressure, cloth internal springs.


OptiX denoiser, improvements to shader nodes, custom render passes, and more.


Viewport render passes, and a lot of important fixes.


UDIM textures for texture painting and rendering in Eevee and Cycles.

Sculpt & Paint

Slide/relax tool, multiplane scrape tool, operator improvements, pose brush and brush updates, paint improvements.

Grease Pencil

User interface, improved tools, multiple strokes modifier.


Custom profiles for bevel, cutoff vertex mesh, weld modifier and solidify modifier.

User Interface

Many tools now have a gizmo, like bevel and the UV editor.

Animation & Rigging

Improvements to bones, constraints and F-curves.

Import & Export

New USD exporter, many glTF improvements, Alembic mesh normals export, VFX platform 2020 compatibility.

Python API

Python API changes, Custom curve profile and widget, changes to handling of Python environment.


Updates to Rigify, Add Mesh Extra objects, BlenderKit, and new add-ons Import Palettes, PDT, Add Node Presets, Collection manager, Sun position and Amaranth toolkit.