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Blender 3.1: Add-ons

Copy Global Transform

The Copy Global Transform add-on makes it possible to copy the world-space transform of the active object/bone, and paste it onto any object/bone. This could be the same one at a different point in time, or you can copy the FK control bone's global transform to the IK control bone. Or to some object. If you want to have it locked to that particular world transform for a number of frames, you can paste to selected keyframes ("smart bake") or even let it create new frames (on 1s, 2s, etc.). The add-on will do all the counter-animation required to keep the paste-target at the same global transform.

Transform panel, in the Animation tab of the 3D Viewport. of "Paste and Bake": a range of keys was created to counter-animate the parent, ensuring that the world transform remains the same.


  • The super_finger rig can now place the optional IK control on a different layer (9030e2c6d1).
  • The advanced generate settings panel has been overhauled, removing the overwrite/new toggle and name field, but adding a reference to the widget collection (ece39d809c).
  • Limbs can now be uniformly scaled using the gear shaped bone at their base (2f1c38fd50).
  • Limb FK controls now use the Aligned inherit scale mode (3fc4640761).
  • The leg rig can now generate two separate toe controls for IK and FK, which is necessary for 100% accurate snapping. This is enabled by default in metarigs. (0391f865e1)


  • Improved export speed of 'rested' armatures (1b0254b531).


  • Fix for #94516 brought back roughness handling into expected MTL behavior, but therefore introduces a value shifting of this roughness parameter when re-importing older OBJ files exported by Blender (f26299bacc).
  • OBJ exporter is now implemented in C++, see the Pipeline, Assets & I/O page for details.

Atomic Blender (PDB/XYZ)

PDB/XYZ importer

  • Fix for #94008 and #94292 automatically changes to the OBJECT mode (8372ef96ad, 2829c040f4). No error message should appear when the EDIT mode is initially active just before the import.
  • Fix in b825c2d31a leads now to smooth sticks in an instancing vertice structure if option Smooth is set in the PDB importer.
  • Fix in 98003acc98 - sticks in instancing vertice structure: when decreasing the diameter of the sticks, e.g., with help of the Utility Panel (utility Change stick size), the equidistant planes of the mesh structure are not visible anymore. They now have a 100x smaller size. Note that these planes are needed for the instancing vertice structure.

Complete revision of the Utility Panel

  • Fix in e54b9d2a4d does not lead anymore to a crash of Blender when separating atoms from an instancing vertice structure.
  • Fix in 4009ff189d does not lead anymore to an error message when using option Default values in the Utility Panel.
  • Fix in 84f5f46992 and fd5697ebcf: changing the material properties of atoms (utility Change atom shape) does also change the material properties of the related sticks if present.
  • All the object 'operators' in section Change atom shape got updated for color handling with respect to Eevee, Cycles and the Principled BSDF shader (3012911034, 9be1af0f30).
  • Extension of the option Custom data file (eb9a4e79d3): all properties of the Principled BSDF shader can now be set in the ASCII data file for each element. Some important properties for Eevee can be set as well. With this, the sizes and material properties of selected atoms in an atomic structure can be changed at once. The user can therefore store her/his own material properties inside this file and use it at any time for any atomic structures. For more information, see the documentation.

Compatibility Issues

  • OBJ/MTL roughness conversion with Blender's own BSDF roughness parameter has changed, see f26299bacc.