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Blender 2.90: Physics


  • New Features:
    • OpenVDB fluid caching: Smoke (grids) and liquid (grids and particles) data will now be cached into a single .vdb cache file per frame. (9fe64948ab, 9951858942)
  • Usability:
    • Updated gravity: Matches world gravity now (fluid buoyancy behaves differently compared to 2.8x releases). (21485e94aa)
    • Simplified cache format options:
      • There are now only two cache formats fields (Volume data - grids & particles, Surface data - meshes). Cache format options for 'Noise' and 'Particles' have been deprecated.
      • Only two cache file formats are available ('.uni', '.vdb'). The '.raw' file format has been deprecated.
  • New UI Options:
    • Frame Offset: Read cache files with a frame offset. (Manual, fb0f0f4d79)
    • System Maximum: Define the maximum number of particles that are allowed in a simulation. (Manual, e76f64a532)
  • Important Bug Fixes:


  • New option to apply a pressure gradient emulating the weight of contained or surrounding fluid. (b1f9799508)
  • Force effectors have a new Wind Factor setting to specify how much the force is reduced when acting parallel to the cloth surface (previously hard-coded as 100% reduction). (9e7012995)