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Debugging with GDB

A debugger can be used to inspect the state of an application in the event of a crash.

Compile Debug Build

How to make a debug build depends on the build system used:

  • For Linux/macOS set: CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug in CMakeCache.txt
  • For Visual Studio, set the Release Configuration to Debug


Start GDB by changing the working directory to the location of your new debug build and typing one of the following, depending on the platform:

gdb blender.exe
gdb ./blender

Then to start Blender, type:


Now make Blender crash. Blender will freeze, so switch to the GDB prompt. Get a backtrace by typing:


A more complete backtrace can be printed using:

thread apply all bt full

For more information, see this guide: How to Get a Backtrace.

Run Immediately

Blender can be made to run immediately:

gdb ./blender --ex=run --args ./blender

Run With Environment Variables Set

Blender can be run with environment variables using env.

These options disable some ASAN checks can interfere with debugging:

gdb ./blender --ex=run --args env ASAN_OPTIONS=check_initialization_order=0:leak_check_at_exit=0 ./blender