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Animation & Rigging

Dopesheet & Timeline: Grease Pencil in main modes

The Timeline and Dopesheet editors now show Grease Pencil keyframes, without having to switch to Grease Pencil mode (92d7f9ac56).

Dopesheet Editor: Custom Properties for Actions

The Action mode of the Dopesheet now shows the active Action's custom properties (57816a6435). Before, these were only accessible via Python.

NLA: Frame Start / End sliders

The NLA's Strip Frame Start / End sliders now behave more predictable (bd00324c26). Manipulating the Frame Start slider will just slide the entire strip (instead of changing its playback speed to make it longer/shorter). The Frame End slider behavior depends on the Repeat setting:

  • 1 Repeat: the underlying Action is made longer/shorter.
  • Less or more than 1 repeat: the number of repeats is adjusted.

The Frame Start / End sliders no longer stretch the timing of the strip. This can be done explicitly, as before, with the Animate Time settings.

Python API

  • action.fcurves.clear() can now be used to remove all FCurves from the given Action (091100bfd7).
  • fcurve.keyframe_points.clear() can be used to delete all keyframe points of an FCurve (4812eda3c5).
  • NLAStrip has two new properties: frame_start_ui and frame_end_ui (bd00324c26). These behave like described above. The already-existing properties frame_start and frame_end have been simplified, and just ensure data consistency now (i.e. no overlapping NLA strips).