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Blender 4.0: Import & Export


  • Skeleton and blend shape animation import through UsdSkel. (PR#110912)
  • Generic mesh attribute import and export for meshes. (PR#109518)
  • Light import and export improvements to follow USD conventions more closely. (PR#109795)
  • Camera import and export improvements. (PR#112905)
  • Export can now be extended with Python scripts through hooks. See the USDHook API documentation for details and example code. (PR#108823)


Export Animation

  • The 3ds exporter now got the property to export animation keyframes. (PR#104613)
  • Keyframe export is optional to avoid crashing any importers wich can not handle the keyframe section. (585a682ef8, da9bb97bea)

Export Hierarchy

  • 3ds objects now got hierarchy chunks to preserve the object tree. (PR#104682)
  • The object tree can now be exported without the keyframe section needed. (0d26a2a017)

Export Scale

  • Global scale for exporting a 3ds can now be setted. (PR#104767)
  • Since many applications are using millimeters, this option is useful to convert the measure units. (17f142e55d)

Convert Measure

  • The 3ds importer and exporter now got the ability to converts the unit measure for all metric and imperial units. (PR#104769)
  • Many 3ds files were exported in millimeter unit scale, this option converts too big meshes to Blender meter scale. (675987e938)

Object Filter

  • Both, the importer and the exporter got the new option to filter objects for import and export. (PR#104778, PR#104782)

Volume, fog, gradient and background bitmap

Spotlight aspect and projector

  • If a spotlight includes a gobo image, it will be exported in the light bitmap chunk and imported the same way. (PR#104813, f1e443f119)
  • The x/y scale of a spotlight can now be exported in the aspect ratio chunk, the importer calculates the aspect back to x/y scale. (PR#104815, 7e2f96796a)

Cursor location

New Principled BSDF material support


  • FBX binary file reading and parsing speed has been improved. (890e51e769, a600aeb2e2)
  • Animation import performance was made faster. (abab1c9343, e7b1962893)
  • Animation export performance was made faster. (73c65b9a44, 461e0c3e1e)
  • Vertex Group export performance was made faster. (63d4898e1d)
  • Armature data custom properties can now be imported and exported. (2b8d9bf2b8).
  • Shape keys can now be exported when Triangulate Faces is enabled or when Objects have Object-linked materials. (bc801d7b1d)


The OBJ and PLY I/O add-ons have been removed. Importing and exporting this format is now implemented natively in Blender, with significantly better performance. (#104504, 67a4aab0da, #104503, 67a4aab0da).


  • Armatures exported to Collada now include the armature's bone collections, including their visibility (83306754d4). More info about bone collections.

glTF 2.0

Find the changelog in the Add-ons section.