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Blender 2.83: Physics


Hair now uses the same collision engine as cloth, yielding much more reliable collisions. (d42a7bbd6e)

New hair collision example. Left is the previous method and right is the new method.


  • Optimization for self-collision, improving overall cloth simulation performance by 15-20% in tests.


  • Performance Optimizations:
    • Optimization for scenes with static (i.e. non animated) flow / effector objects. Baking will automatically be faster for those objects.
    • Improved baking speed for scenes with lots of obstacles. Effector objects now use the same bounding boxes as flow objects when the geometry is being processed. (a5c4a44df6)
    • Loading times for particle (liquid and/or secondary particles) and mesh files have been improved. (7d59f84708, 1280f3c0ae)
  • New UI Options:
    • Enable / disable effector objects during the simulation
    • Delete fluid inside obstacles
    • Subframes for obstacle objects (improves detection of fast moving obstacles) (cda81d5a4d, 1c3ded12f4)
  • Usability:
    • Easier setup for planar emission / obstacle objects: Planes always have non-zero thickness and will always affect the simulation. (cda81d5a4d)
    • Cancelling bake jobs is quicker (particularly notable when using domains with high resolutions)
  • Important Bug Fixes:
    • Secondary (liquid) particles out of sync relative to main simulation (T73988)
    • Secondary (liquid) particles show up in organized unrealistic structure (T73552)
  • Other:
    • Smoke rendering in 3D viewport solid mode was changed to be more accurate and support rendering dark smoke. This changes the look in existing .blend files.
    • Resolultion default was decreased along with changing the default cache method Replay to improve instantaneous playback