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Google Summer of Code - 2020 Projects

Progress updates for 2020

Current State

1st evaluation - 29 June - 3 July
2nd evaluation - 27 - 31 July
Final submission - 24 - 31 August


Development Forum

All Blender and code related topics will go to the devtalk forum. Here students will also post their weekly reports, and can ask for feedback on topics or share intermediate results with everyone.

For real-time discussions between students and mentors. Weekly meetings will be scheduled here as well.


Google has granted 10 projects for the Blender Foundation.

Continued Improvements to the Outliner

by Nathan Craddock
Mentors: William Reynish, Dalai Felinto, Julian Eisel

Customizable Menus

by Alexia Legrand
Mentors: Campbell Barton, Dalai Felinto

Editing Grease Pencil Strokes Using Curves

by Falk David
Mentors: Antonio Vazquez, Matias Mendiola

Improving IO performance for big files

by Ankit Meel
Mentors: Sybren Stüvel, Howard Trickey

Info Editor Improvements

by Mateusz Grzeliński
Mentors: Bastien Montagne, William Reynish, Campbell Barton

Interaction Support in VR through OpenXR Action System

by Peter Klimenko
Mentors: Julian Eisel
Project not completed.

Liquid Simulation Display Options

by Sriharsha Kotcharlakot
Mentors: Sebastián Barschkis, Jacques Lucke

Production Ready Many Light Sampling

by Sam Kottler
Mentors: Brecht Van Lommel

Regression Testing Frameworks

by Himanshi Kalra
Mentors: Habib Gahbiche, Bastien Montagne

Volumetric Soft Body Simulation

by Matt Overby
Mentors: Sebastian Parborg