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Blender 3.0: Add-ons

New add-on key requirements

Blender wants to implement fair and uniform rules for all add-ons included in official releases. Therefore new requirements have been added. As a result various add-ons aren't bundled with Blender anymore or have been updated.

  • BlenderKit isn't distributed with Blender anymore but can still be downloaded from the BlenderKit website. (13ecbb8fee)
  • Archipack isn't distributed with Blender anymore but can still be downloaded from the Archipack website (d7517a6f2a)
  • Magic UV: The online updater was removed. (3c5d373fc4)

Collection Manager

New Features

  • Added selection of cumulative objects (objects that are in more than one collection) to the specials menu in the CM popup. (eba3a31f)
  • Added support for creating QCD slots by clicking on the unassigned slots on the 3D Viewport header widget (the little Xs). Unassigned slots now have a tooltip with more information and hotkeys for doing things like creating a new slot and moving the selected objects to it. (f583ecf0)
  • Added the option to create all missing QCD slots from the Quick View Toggles menu so you end up with a full 20. (f583ecf0)

Improved Features

  • Updated the tooltip for the Collection Manager's move objects button with the title "Send Objects to Collection" (was "Set Object Collection"). (69f875e1)
  • Changed the icon for the move objects button, when no objects are present in the collection, to better suggest moving objects. (69f875e1)
  • Updated the invert icon in the filter arrow to use the standard double arrows icon. (69f875e1)
  • Changed the filter collections by selected objects icon to be consistent with the move objects button's selected objects icon. (69f875e1)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to deselect nested collections fails when there are no objects present in the collection you clicked on (the parent collection). (11aebc01)


  • The Rigify Legacy Mode and its preference checkbox have been removed. (7412d6c3e4)
  • A new modular face rig has been implemented. An upgrade operator button is provided similar to older legacy rig types; however for now the old face is merely deprecated and can still be used. (#89808, 2acf22b593, 985f6d8c30)
  • Some Rigify operations have been added to a new menu to make them searchable. (27fe7f3a4f)
  • If the metarig contains a bone called 'root', it is now used as the root control to allow changing its rest position or assigning a custom widget. (992b0592f1)
  • Rigify now refreshes all drivers in the file after generation to fix drivers that got stuck due to transient errors. (e4d9cf84d0)
  • Rigify can now execute a custom python script datablock after generation to allow arbitrary post-generation customization without losing ability to re-generate. (ecf30de46c)
  • Rigify now uses mirrored linked duplicates for the widgets for the left and right side by default; can be disabled with an option. (eed6d6cc13)
  • The limb IK system has been changed to improve stability of non-pole mode and pole toggle precision, which slightly changes non-pole mode output. (293cc140f5)


  • Subsurface: Support for 'Boundary Smooth' option of the Blender modifier has been added to the FBX importer and exporter (9a285d8016).


  • Basic support for material import has been added (0573bc7dae).