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Blender 2.92: Python API

Mirror operator

The operator bpy.ops.transform.mirror dropped support for proportional editing to allow for correct object mirroring using scale and rotation (ec39d8de4a). Instead, use bpy.ops.transform.resize with negative scale, as this is equivalent to the prior mirror operator. Except for the constraint_axis option, it has the same the options as the prior mirror operator.

# This mirror call in 2.91:
bpy.ops.transform.mirror(constraint_axis=(False, True, False), <other options>)
# ought to be written as this in 2.92:
bpy.ops.transform.resize(value=(1.0, -1.0, 1.0), <same other options>)

Other changes

  • Add bpy.utils.unescape_identifier a utility that performs the reverse of bpy.utils.escape_identifier (b5bc9d80a1).
  • In the Outliner, operators can get a list of the selected data-blocks, via bpy.context.selected_ids (af008f5532). This may become available in more editors in future.
  • A button that represents a data-block may make the data-block available to operators via (0c1d476923). This may however only work for operators placed in context menus of such buttons.