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Blender 4.2 LTS Release Notes

Blender 4.2 LTS is currently in Beta. Phase Bcon3 until July 10, 2024. See schedule.

Under development in blender-v4.2-release.


On Windows and Linux a CPU with SSE4.2 is now required. This is supported since AMD Bulldozer (2011) and Intel Nehalem (2008).


System-defined and library-overridable IDProperties are now statically typed.


Most add-ons that used to ship with Blender, are now available on the Extensions Platform where you can browse, install, and update them online from within Blender. Read more about Extensions.

Add-ons that haven't been converted to extensions yet, are still supported as legacy add-ons and can be installed from disk as usual.

To ease the distribution and transition to the new system, a bundle of the add-ons that shipped with Blender 4.1 is available for download.