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Blender 4.1: User Interface


  • Input Placeholders to show a hint about the expected value of an input. (b0515e34f9).

  • Cryptomatte picking can now occur between separate windows. (9ee5de05c0).
  • The UI interface font can now be shown in any weight. (0bde01eab5).

  • Khmer font added to support a new translation of that Cambodian language. (3f5654b491).
  • New icons added to represent area splitting, joining, and swapping. (153dd76d22, 8933284518).
  • Wide Enum lists will now collapse to a single column if not enough space. (83ce3ef0db).
  • Changing UI font in Preferences will now start in your OS Fonts folder. (d3a2673cb8, 048cece74d).
  • File Browser List View removes columns and reformats as width is decreased. (07820b0703).
  • Improved Color Picker cursor indication and feedback. (c11d5b4180).

  • Text Object fonts now look in the fallback stack when characters are not found. (604ee2d036).

  • Animation marker drawing improvements. (0370feb1bf).
  • Improved corner rounding for menus and popup blocks. (42ddc13033).

  • Improved quality of menu and popup block shadows. (0335b6a3b7).
  • Improved initial display of compositor node trees. (ff083c1595).
  • New Text Objects will use translated "Text" as default. (5e38f7faf0).

  • Eyedropper can now pick colors outside the Blender window on Mac. (639de68aaa).
  • Open Recent menu items now show blender version and thumbnail if available. (0b0e0601a1).
  • Open Recent menu now includes "Clear Recent Files List" item. (1ccc958150).
  • Background Images can now be shown with render color transforms applied. (29b1658124).
  • File Browser tooltips now show blender version, image dimensions, video details, etc. (cd4328dd82).

  • Some changes and corrections to the Text Object "Special Characters" menu. (0251701cd6).
  • Clarify Liquid Diffusion/Viscosity Properties (67b21ce54d).
  • The auto-save timer is now restarted after saving manually (f0f304e240).
  • Dialog to enter characters by Unicode value into Text Objects. (6d357dc60d).
  • Operator Properties dialogs now include "Cancel" button. (0d6aec1c21).
  • All disclosure open/close items now using the same chevron-style icon. (8d48770418).
  • Updated general Mask icon and Grease Pencil "Invert" icons. (f3c401ef6f).
  • Added visual toggle for Sculpt and Grease Pencil automasking options. (c15d1b8ccb).

Image Editor

  • Image Editor now allows rotating images by 90 degree increments. (93562a1cc5).
  • Image Vectorscope has updated look, and ability to display tinted or luma scope. (567455124d).

Node Editor

  • The Ungroup operator now ungroups all selected group nodes instead of just the active one (f3cd25370c).
  • Socket picking when creating node links has been improved to reduce the number of mis-clicks (74dd1e044b).


  • Double-click on Outliner collection to select all children. (796577d76e).
  • Modifiers can now be applied from the outliner (1c503c094c).
  • Outliner context menu contains "Show Hierarchy" and "Expand/Collapse All". (4793b4592b, f815484e7d).

3D Viewport

  • Walk mode now supports relative up/down (using R/F keys) (c62009a6ac).
  • Improved Mesh Edge Highlighting. (dfd1b63cc7).
  • Improved contrast for text overlays. (a4a8683788).
  • Shadowed text for Geometry Nodes Viewer attributes. (38e7b4e473).
  • Gizmo button to toggle Lock Camera to View. (23faaac68b ).


  • Input Method Editors (IME) now supported for Wayland (a38a49b073).