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VFX & Video


  • Add filter method to strip transform (1c5f2e49b7)
  • Use float for transformation offset (b4700a13c6)
  • Now it is possible to create a new scene base on the active strip. The new scene is assigned to the active strip. (2d24ba0210)
  • Add channel headers - provides ability to assign label and per channel mute / lock buttons. (277fa2f441)
  • Enable edge panning for transform operator - when dragging strip out of view, it pans the view. (e49fef45ce)
  • Better handling of animation when transforming strips, transforming no longer extends selection. (32da64c17e)
  • Add frame selected operator for preview. (e16ff4132e)
  • Thumbnail for first image now represents handle position (29b9187b32)
  • Add option to limit timeline view height (17769489d9)


Clip Editor

  • Fix tilt/scale slider of marker jumping on initial mouse grab (dd7250efb1)
  • Fix for tilt/scale slider to follow mouse exactly (00018bfaa2)

Motion Tracking

  • Fixes very slow tracking with keyframe pattern matching when movie does not fit into cache (e08180fdab)