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Blender Tools

The Blender repository has a tools/ directory with various scripts that are not needed for building Blender but that developers may find useful.

  • Utility scripts for running checks on code for style, spelling.
  • Utility scripts for code-base analysis, creating credits for eg.
  • Configurations for 3rd party applications, IDE's.
  • Any tools we develop specifically for working with Blender.


  • check_source/ spell checker (Depends on enchant Python module)
  • config/ide: style configuration for QtCreator and Eclipse
  • utils/ simple paint program to create pixmap cursors for wm_cursors.c
  • utils/ Converter from 32x32 XPM images to a GL-Stipple array, typically for glutil.c
  • utils_maintenance/ run to add new fields into existing XML themes
  • utils_maintenance/ Strip trailing space and BOM (byte-order-mark) of source files maintained by in our repo