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Blender 2.93: Animation & Rigging

  • Update layouts for graph editor and NLA editor FModifiers (1f5647c07d).
  • Armature bone axes can now be shown anywhere on the bone (previously only on the tip), (74d5a93b2b). Existing files still have the old behavior, while new armatures will default to showing the axes at the root (head) of the bone.

  • Weight paint symmetry options has now been tweaked so you can't have vertex group mirroring and brush mirroring on at the same time:

Only X axis mirroring is supported with vertex groups mirroring

  • The Cycle-Aware Keying option was moved back to the Keying popover since it's not limited to auto-keying. (caf92a647f)
  • The "follow path constraint" and "follow parented curve" are no longer clamped and can extend beyond the start/end point of the curve (cf2baa585c 6a0906c09a).
  • It is now possible to alt click to get a list of bones under the cursor. (5e77ff79cc)