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Blender 3.1: Grease Pencil

Line Art

  • New option to toggle collection inverse selection. This allows conveniently exclude a collection and select "the rest of" the scene. (40c8e23d48)
    • Differences between collection line art usage flag:
      1. Collection line art usage is global, used to specify e.g. if a collection should appear in calculation at all.
      2. Invert collection selection is used to easily select a collection and "everything else other than that collection", making it convenient to set up such cases.

  • New option to preserve contour lines when using face mark filtering. (dde997086c)

  • Noise tolerant chaining. This feature takes advantage of original line art chain which is a continuous long chain, instead of splitting it at each occlusion change, this function tolerates short segments of "zig-zag" occlusion incoherence and don't split the chain at these points, thus creates a much smoother result. (5ae76fae90)


  • New Merge All Layers option in Merge operator. (556c71a84a)
  • New option in PDF export to export full scene frame range. (e1c4e5df22)


  • Now Fill tool allows to use a Dilate negative value to contract the filled area and create a gap between fill and stroke. (3b14224881)

Modifiers and VFX